7 Δεκ 2013

41st American Music Awards

Yep, it's another one of those posts you are gonna skip. But that was a great show (although 2 weeks ago) and I can't help but posting.
So, here we go.

Show starts off with Katy Perry dressed up as geisha or at least a Japanese girl wearing a kimono. Great performance actually, which brought attention to the song where in the EMAs she was so stunning the song was lost.
marry me woman

And the host comes up. Pitbull. The caricature of a latin pimp in the USA livin the dream. Similar to the caricature of a Cypriot in  Athens.
At this point I realise, I'm writing in English. Dont know why, wont restrict it.
So Pitubull was a great host actually, much better than Redfoo. Better lines too.
And the first award is best pop/rock male. Which goes to justin timberlake. Ok, it was stated before that i'm a fan. Especially after that michael jackson vanguard award performance. But come on, rock? but more ambigous awards came later.
And the award was given by Taylor swift. That girl is so annoying. The way she talks, moves, living on her pink cloud and everything.
And the second performance is on. One Direction perform Story of My Life. And you know what? They are good! They seem to be growing up, to a mature pop boy band who still has fun like a teenage boy band. And their songs are not bad, in the radio hit concept. Especially this one is stuck in my head these days, and I had to download it, so I will listen to it until I'm sick of it at last.

And a back-to-back performance by Ariana Grande, this lolita whose name you havent heard before but everyone talks about. And yeah, she seems like she will be big. Really beautiful, unlike Selena and Taylor, who seems to have great vocals too. Sexy, but not slutty, she is doing great performing "Tattooed Heart". So great, she gets a standing ovation by most of the crowd, including Lady Gaga.

Soul, r n' b is the next award for which we have three black sexy ladies. (no, this was not racist). So among rihanna, alicia and ciara the award goes to rihanna. predicted? yes.
Imagine Dragons perform now on stage a mash-up of Radioactive and Demons. Just like the EMA's again. But this time they turn out passionate and rock, not wild. I actually love this fresh band with the commercial rock sound. Next Coldplay? Doesnt have to be.
Best country album. Ok, i dont listen to country and I actually detest it. But from those 5 seconds I get to hear the nominees from the nominations video, the Taylor Swift one sounds like the least country. And yes, she won. Talk to me about wide fan-base again.
Rap - hip-hop is the next award. And it goes to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. So many hits by this duo last year and their win is more than welcome, but surprising too given the names of the other nominees. And they give a great speech, coming out sensitive again. Releasing a song like "same love" at first and now devoting this award to Trayvor Martin and all the other kids who face bullying everyday. These guys want to change the cliche image of the rapper who is the bad guy and swears a lot.

Live performance now by the hosting Pitbull with his new muse Kesha, who sorry to say this, is ugly. And their song, Timber, is not as good as other songs he released. Meh.
Alternative/rock is the category now and as the presenters say, it is the first time the alternative part in this category is bigger than the rock part. So, between imagine dragons, the lumineers and mumford & sons, the award goes to imagine dragons. Love them all but this band seems to be on a streak tonight. Well done!
Latin artist award goes to the JLo's ex-husband, which doesnt come as a surprise given he is the only one i know. And this status of him, helped. A lot. No lie.
And it is time for Justin Timberlake's performance. I was hoping for a wow performance again, which didnt come really. Boy, drop that guitar and dance to that beat like we know you can.
Pop/rock album award is now on. Nominees: justin timberlake, taylor swift and one direction. Yes, on the pop/rock category/ I leave the conclusions to you. And one direction wins. For best pop/rock album. Yep
And now a band I havent heard before that night (seems i'm falling behind too) are performing now with nelly. They are florida georgia line. 
New artist of the year. This is an interesting category every year. Artists who make a debut hit with a breakthrough album or a single, are on every magazine and tv show, now compete each other. Ariana grande, imagine dragons, philip philips (?) and macklemore with ryan lewis. I believed that would go to Imagine Dragons again but it went to Ariana. So, make a mental note of that name. 
The Special Award of the night now comes up. Icon award is introduced for the first time this year and it goes to to Rihanna who first gives an average performance of her big hit "Diamonds". The award was given by her mum, with which they share some emotion on stage. On this point, I agree that Rihanna is probably the voice of the decade, singing hit after hit for years now, always on number 1, with paparazzi following her across the globe, but icon? Really? Is this who we want to be an icon? Perhaps a rename of the award or a different artist would seem better.
Soul, r n' b male artist award is now on and justin wins. :)
Instead of a live performace we are now transferred live (?) to Miami where Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are currently performing as part of their tour.
Country female award goes again to Taylor Swift and I wonder why they still bother putting other nomineees on this category.
One of the highlights of the night is about to go on with Jennifer Lopez paying a tribute performance to Celia Cruz. Yep, she dances like we know she can, shaking those hips around, changing costumes, being sexy as hell and all. And at this point I realise that this is the American Music Awards. And this is what America is about. A mixture of country for the white guys in the country, latin for the latin minority, hip-hop for the black, rock for the rest or something like that. A mixture of cultures and nationalities with a mixture of music genres. Yep. that is all about. Thing is, on the European Music Awards we havent really heard any European Music. Shame. Further more, Celia Cruz, did give a show during her performance, but nothing near that.

Single of the year is now award and to my surprise it goes to Florida and Georgia line for a song i've never heard before, "Cruise".
Now, we have a soul, r n b award and the presenter gave a smart indication of who the nominees are. A white kid from the mickey mouse club, the dad from growing pains, and a strong soulful Caribbean woman of colour. And the boy from the mickey mouse club wins. Again. :)
Next act is one of my favourite of the night. Christina Aguilera and Great Big World (yes, that's an artist's name) perform Say Something. My god Christina, what a voice.

Hip hop's next king my ass, kendrick lamar performs swimming pools.
Favourite electronic/dance artist now is awarded. (I forgot the slash at first and found "electronic dance" funny. hey, dont judge) Anyway, is not daft punk, nor calvin harris or zedd (ok it couldnt be zedd). It's aviccii. Cant say im thrilled but whatever.
The much expected performance by Lady Gaga is now on with Lady Gaga and R Kelly performing "Do what U want". A quite theatrical perfomance. Sorry, not excited.

The male country artist is Luke Bryan for this year. 
And now, we have pop/rock band/duo/group. Take a wild guess. Yes, 1D.
The just awarded Luke Bryan now performs "that's my kind of night" and boy he knows how to shake that booty.
And another performance follows now, TLC get to do a comeback. I don't know what's happening now with band reunions and comebacks. Anywayyy..
The last performace of the night is by - who else? - Miley Cyrus. You can't exclude this girl from any big music event this year, can you? She performed Wrecking Ball wearing another wtf outfit and the wtf act is completed with a standing pussy in the background. Ok, check it out, I can't put it in words.

The last and most important award of the night "Artist of the Year" sums up the night and to my great joy (not?) it goes to Taylor Swift.

That's what we have for that night folks. There were a few other awards but i skip them, this post is long enough as it is. From what I know, there are no other big music awards until the Grammy's! Speaking of which, nominatios were announced today!

3 Δεκ 2013

Upside Down

Για την ταινια "upside down" θα πουμε οποταν αν καρτερατε να σας πω οτι εφερα τα πανω κατω στη ζωη μου, παραιτωντας τες σπουδες και πηγαινοντας να κυνηγησω το ονειρο μου στη Νεα Υορκη, μη σας κραταμε αλλο.
Το upside down εννεν καμια σπουδαια ταινια. Μια ευστοχη περιγραφη θαρρω ειναι οτι εν που τες ταινιες που θα εδειχνε το mega κυριακη νυχτα. Οχι επιπεδου the prestige, αλλα ουτε και anaconda.

Λοιπον, παιζει η γλυκια kirsten dunst με τις μετριες υποκριτικες ικανοτητες και ο καπου-σε-εχω-ξαναδει-καπου-σε-ξερω jim sturgess. Βασικα, η ταινια τοποθετειται σε ενα φανταστικο παραλληλο συμπαν που υπαρχουν δυο κοσμοι ο ενας πανω που τον αλλο με αντιθετα πεδια βαρυτητας. Δηλαδη θωρεις πανω τζιε αντι να θωρεις ουρανο θωρεις τον αλλο κοσμο που περπατα στο δικο του πεζοδρομιο ανενιας.
bonus win: υποθετω δεν τους χεζουν πουλια.
Οι νομοι της φυσικης περνουν λιγο στο περιθωριο. Ουδεμια εξηγηση για καιρικα φαινομενα (και πολλες αλλες ευλογες αποριες μενουν αναπαντητες βεβαιως). Ενιγουει, για να προχωρω, στον ενα κοσμο ζουν οι φτωχοι και στον αλλο οι πλουσιοι βασικα. Ενωνει τους μια μεγαλη εταιρια που τα γραφεια της ξεκινουν που τον ενα κοσμο τζιε φτανουν στον αλλο. Οι φτωχοι εν απλοι εργατες, οι πλουσιοι διοικουν στα ψηλα γραφεια. Οπως θα καταλαβατε ηδη, ο φτωχος ερωτευκεται την πλουσια τζιε καμνει τη γη πηγη ναν μαζι. Εν νομιζω ναν spoiler να πω οτι καταληγουν μαζι. Ουσιαστικα η ταινια αυτα εχει. Αν κοψετε αθκιασεροι δετε την. Εσιει χαζι.

Εμενα βασικα ναι, τραβουν με τουτες οι ταινιες που εχουν ενα βασικο sci-fi στοιχειο αλλα οι χαρακτηρες εν καθ'ολα (;) ανθρωπινοι. Αλλη ταινια που μου ερκεται με τουντο στοιχειο εν το in time με timberlake τζιε amanda seyfried. Στα 18 σου πιανεις περιορισμενο χρονο ζωης. Deal with it.
Ε ισως και το inception.
Αυτα, δεν εσιει ουσιαστικη αναλυση. Μια χαλαρη ταινια για ξεκουραση ή για να παιζει οσο εσύ διπλωνεις ρουχα/σιδερωνεις κτλ